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I work with emerging and established artists looking for ideas to tighten up their brand imaging for social and print promotion use. Our impressive local music scene boasts a plethora of young talent, including J.C. Farmer of American Slang. These promo pics are a way for him to communicate his unique style and brand.

Photos by Shevaun Williams

ESPN Analytics Issue

ESPN-Analytics Issue 
Photography by Pari Dukovic
In “A Man Apart,” senior writer Tim Keown tells the story of NBA star Russell Westbrook’s lifelong journey as an underdog and everything that has led him to this record-breaking moment as a triple-double machine. 
I was pleased to provide tailoring services for longtime GQ Stylist Brian Coats. 



Weight Watchers Magazine Member Feature 1.18
Photography by Jeremy Charles
Michelle Wells' weight loss journey is truly inspiring, starting with her approach to food and fitness goals and embracing her love of craft beer. We were pleased to help her show off the new look and energy she gained through her use of the Weight Watchers programs in which Michelle lost 110lbs.




Black and White - Splurge Magazine 1.17
Local shops stock unusual pieces to create any number of fresh new looks in classic black and white.




Wanderlust - Spurge Magazine 5.16
Grab your camera and your favorite guy and head out on the open road. So many undiscovered vistas, austere valleys, places with a will you capture them all? 




Spring Retro Mix - Splurge Magazine 4.16
True vintage and cutting edge styles for spring come together is this light-as-air story for Splurge Magazine. Styles from Tory Burch, Derek Lam, Kate Spade and Valentino Red mix perfectly with rain boots from Hunter and even Target.




The Vintage Issue -  Norman Magazine 9.16
Norman OK turns 125 this month. To celebrate Norman's hometown magazine tells a short story of a recently  arrived photo journalist getting to know his new town.

Latina Fabulosa

Splurge Magazine- Latina Fabulosa
Communication Arts Magazine
2018 National ADDY Award Winner

Oklahoma-based fashion photographer Shevaun Williams had been playing around with a particular idea for a fashion editorial spread for quite some time. Mexican painter and feminist icon Frida Kahlo is a huge influence on Shevaun, and she wanted to channel Frida's energy to create a fashion shoot that portrayed a strong Latina character. 




Artist Profile - Splurge Magazine 8.16 
Photography by  Shevaun Williams 

Steven Paul Judd is an Oklahoma Artist that brings a pop-art sensibility to recaptured native imagery.

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